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  1. ATVs for Sale
    I'm selling my 2008 TRX 700XX that I purchased new back in 2009. It runs great I just done have time to ride it anymore. It has a few tasteful upgrades, 11/16 L8ton swaybar, trail tech vapor speedo, Barker's exhaust, EHS programmer, and Alba pro-elite nerf bars. Comes with two sets of Scat Trac...
    $5,000 USD
  2. Off-Topic/General Discussion
    I did find one on Ebay for dirt cheap: 3/4 Rear High Performance Revved-up Sway Bar for TRX700XX Honda Club700XX | eBay But I'm looking to see if Mr. L8ton is going to be building anymore!
  3. Motor, Transmission, Electrical, Intake, Exhaust
    I just purchased the vapor kit for the 2008 700xx and I am going to mount it on the handlebars where the dash lights currently sit. I have currently remove the plastic housing for them as well as the plastic bulb covers. I am unsure what to do with the wiring and the bulbs. Should I just tuck...
  4. ATVs for Sale
    2008 Honda TRX700XX, Excellent condition, very well maintained- needs nothing and is ready for the desert. Modifications include: Front and Rear Race Tech Custom G3-S triple rate shocks with hi/low compression and rebound adjustment (this is a $3K shock set), Layton sway bar, Maier...
  5. Videos
    I have a youtube channel and have been making mostly ATV videos in the past year. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for future videos, as well as any feedback of my previous videos would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.
  6. Videos
    Just a short video that I uploaded to YouTube. Some jumping and POV angles of a 700XX. Hope you enjoy, there are more videos in the making, so subscribe if you want to see more :)
  7. Pictures
    Couldn't upload photos as i had originally tried, but heres a video I made of the quad jumping on our backyard track.
  8. Videos
  9. ATVs for Sale
    Hey guys, I wish I would have found this site sooner, however, I am trying to sell a 2009 700xx. It has ITP wheels, FMF exhaust, and has been professionally maintained. The bike is flawless. Just not enough room for it in the shop any more. Anyone looking for a very nice 700? $3,800. I am...
  10. Chassis, Suspension, Braking & Tires
    Just acquired a 2008 700xx! From what I read online, I thought I could simply unbolt the big front fenders and be left with what looks like cut fenders. Turns out the big front fenders support the headlight and when you remove the big fenders the head light gets all floppy. And then there are...
  11. Chassis, Suspension, Braking & Tires
    :xx: Has anyone tried the Kendra Kutters? on the 700xx? I have stock wheels and tires on my 08, im looking for the best front tires but not to pricey and same with rear. also what kind of aftermarket rims are their with it being 11 in rims?
  12. Motor, Transmission, Electrical, Intake, Exhaust
    I have a 2008 700xx and I have full exhaust and programmer, I'm wanting to get some more go go juice without messing with clutches and stuff can I go a 727 big bore and be safe or which bore kit do you prefer need someone with experience I do a little drag racing!
  13. Motor, Transmission, Electrical, Intake, Exhaust
    I have a 2008 TRX 700XX and I recently noticed a small noise in the enigne and my oil dip stick smells like gas? Any answers and what's causing this ?
  14. Pictures
    Going to post some details about my new project build of an 08 700xx. I bought it stock. I will try to post some pictures and also links to other threads I am planning on starting of how to information. My first how to thread I plan on posting up is on modifying the Douglas 10" wheels to fit...
  15. Chassis, Suspension, Braking & Tires
    Hey guys, I'm just curious if anyone else has gotten pro armor fat bar nerf bars. We'll I did. I put them on and now I'm having trouble getting the plastic pice that goes around the back (not the finder, almost looks like a radiator shroud but on the back) I'm having trouble getting all the...
  16. Product & Service Reviews
    Hi guys, i found a site with all 700xx parts oem codes and diagrams. I hope it could be usefull....... it was for me :tup: :atv:
1-16 of 16 Results