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  1. ATVs for Sale
    2008 Honda TRX700XX, Excellent condition, very well maintained- needs nothing and is ready for the desert. Modifications include: Front and Rear Race Tech Custom G3-S triple rate shocks with hi/low compression and rebound adjustment (this is a $3K shock set), Layton sway bar, Maier...
  2. Videos
    Just a short video that I uploaded to YouTube. Some jumping and POV angles of a 700XX. Hope you enjoy, there are more videos in the making, so subscribe if you want to see more :)
  3. Pictures
    Going to post some details about my new project build of an 08 700xx. I bought it stock. I will try to post some pictures and also links to other threads I am planning on starting of how to information. My first how to thread I plan on posting up is on modifying the Douglas 10" wheels to fit...
  4. Chassis, Suspension, Braking & Tires
    I have been wanting to do it for a while and finally my rims got so banged up I figured it couldn't hurt anything. They have held up great and I have noticed less rocks and debris in my bead on the front ones. It took me about 5 hours to bead blast them, powder them and bake them. Well worth it.
  5. Chassis, Suspension, Braking & Tires
    Any one know where i kan find a use one in good condition ? Or link? Hmu
  6. Motor, Transmission, Electrical, Intake, Exhaust
    Looking for a good hid kit with steel ballast ??? Not plastic ( slim) reccomend??
  7. Motor, Transmission, Electrical, Intake, Exhaust
    Wanted to know if the eco slip on big Gun? Pipe on my 700xx / would actually gain some hp?? Let me know asap --- Also looking to install rear grab bar& bumper ? Anny Recommendations? Open --> to__ advice?
  8. Motor, Transmission, Electrical, Intake, Exhaust
    Whats up everyone? My name is Cody,Im pretty new to posting on the thread but do a TON of research to help me out,dont know where i would be without some of ya,anyways ill explain what all i have done to my 700xx, 2008 trx700xx(red & black) Itp rims all around front holeshots and back rzr2s I...
  9. Product & Service Reviews
    Hi guys, i found a site with all 700xx parts oem codes and diagrams. I hope it could be usefull....... it was for me :tup: :atv:
1-9 of 10 Results