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  1. Instructional "How-To's"
    I have an FMF power programmer installed on my 2008 700xx and need help figuring out what settings I should run. I'm currently running Vertex High Compression Piston, Stage 2 Hot Cams, Barnett Clutches and HMF Ballance Exhaust. I ride at about 800-1200 ft. above see level typically. Any help on...
  2. Motor, Transmission, Electrical, Intake, Exhaust
    Hey 700xx'rs, I've found myself needing a power outlet (cigarette lighter socket) to my XX to charge my phone, gps, margarita machine, etc. :lol: Wondered who out here has done it? I did it fairly easily to my 400ex, installed it under hood in front of steering stem. The 700 doesn't have...
1-2 of 2 Results