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  1. Off-Topic/General Discussion
    A couple of weeks ago i decided to purchase a sway bar from L8ton racing, and found out that they are no longer making products and are completely out of stock for their sway bars. I have since been looking for an alternative, but can't find anything. Does anyone else have a sway bar thats...
  2. ATV Racing
    I'm looking into doing the KAMS race series this summer and was wondering if anyone knew anything about it, like the classes or skill level? My quad is 100% stock.
  3. Motor, Transmission, Electrical, Intake, Exhaust
    I have a 2008 700xx and I have full exhaust and programmer, I'm wanting to get some more go go juice without messing with clutches and stuff can I go a 727 big bore and be safe or which bore kit do you prefer need someone with experience I do a little drag racing!
  4. Motor, Transmission, Electrical, Intake, Exhaust
    Alright Saturday I'm drag racing my 700xx and it doesn't seem to hook up very good! Tires aren't bald about 70%, it is bared and sits about 4 inches off the ground! What gear to start? Rpm? Other things to do ?its got a full half exhaust and programmer!
1-4 of 4 Results