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  1. Chassis, Suspension, Braking & Tires
    I purchased 10" ITP wheels to open up my tire options for the 700xx. These wheels look great and pretty much match with my stock front wheels. My new tires all around look great, but i have one lingering issue with the new back wheels mounting to the studs. The holes in the rim for each...
  2. ATV Parts for Sale
    100% Brand New out of Box. 95$ Each or 180$ for the Pair. Or Best Offer. If any questions PM me about them. 22x11-9's GBC XC-Masters.
  3. Chassis, Suspension, Braking & Tires
    alright I just bought a trx 700xx and I really want to know what size tires I can max out at with out lifting it I want to put 27inch on but im scared the front will scrub on the fender not to worried about the back :atv::crazy::hey:
  4. Chassis, Suspension, Braking & Tires
    Just got my 700xx. We do a lot of dune riding and I would like to get some paddles. I am familiar with the issues getting paddle tires for this machine. After some research it seems like the 12x7 5+2 4/144 douglas wheels might fit. Then I was thinking about squeezing som Maxxis Razr Blades...
  5. Chassis, Suspension, Braking & Tires
    :xx: Has anyone tried the Kendra Kutters? on the 700xx? I have stock wheels and tires on my 08, im looking for the best front tires but not to pricey and same with rear. also what kind of aftermarket rims are their with it being 11 in rims?
1-5 of 6 Results