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  1. Chassis, Suspension, Braking & Tires
    I purchased 10" ITP wheels to open up my tire options for the 700xx. These wheels look great and pretty much match with my stock front wheels. My new tires all around look great, but i have one lingering issue with the new back wheels mounting to the studs. The holes in the rim for each...
  2. Chassis, Suspension, Braking & Tires
    I am looking to buy paddles and rims. I would like black and can't locate black rear rims. I see black front rims. Anyone know where i can get these? I checked Rocky Mountain ATV, ITP, and Douglas.
  3. Wanted
    so I have been looking for new wheels for my trx700. I live in Germany and have a good set of street tires lined up already but am having a very hard time finding the right wheels size with the right lug pattern. the size I'm looking for is 10x10 for the rear and 10x8 in the fronts. so if anyone...
  4. Wanted
    Poked a hole in a rear wheel at Yuba goldfields as well as damage from other rocks that got caught in the suspension. Looking for one or maybe two wheels, possibly tires. I will upgrde to the newer 10 inch wheels later. I don't do paypal but have always used money orders from Walmart. Ask...
1-4 of 5 Results