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I am thinking on going with 12 inch rims and a set of 25 inch tires all around. I tried searching and haven't found much info. I do not race and want to set this up to be a dedicated trail machine. I do not run nerf so clearance there won't be a problem. Anybody have pics, or links to one setup like this. I ride in the midwest and we have a lot of hills, ruts, roots, downed trees, mud, etc. I want to make the beast a little better trail breaker, I usually lead into unknown territory. All advice/info told to me would be greatly appreciated. Other mods to go with it will be big 3(fmf header and can, pc 3-5, uni with ehs lid), 12/13 t sprocket. That should be all that's needed for what I want.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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