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12 to 1 pistons @ Alba

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Alba will have 12 to 1 pistons next week I will be racing with one next weekend. They should have A cam in about A week as well Call Matt in the performance department (858) 486-4380
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I emailed them this evening, I'll let you all know what they respond with.

When I first bought my 700xx I was quite disappointed with the lack of items out there, now I must say I'm pleasantly pleased with the aftermarket items less than a year after this quad was released.

Now if only the tire manufacturers would get on board. (no pun intended)

I called them and they said it would be a few weeks before they were out. Mine will be here about the same time ;( Hope my efforts are not for nothing
Yeah, you had better have that thing together by the next time I pass through there on my way to Wiggins...

The last bits have come together this week, CP is turning my pistons now. I'll have dyno numbers for Mardi Gras. Also the first one to make it here with any parts purchases from me I will install it for free, Including pistons.
Man, what fuel do you guys plan on running with 12 to 1 compression?

I run C-16, 116 octane in my bike with 9 to 1 and the turbo.
I love the smell of that stuff burning.....mmmmm

Man, what fuel do you guys plan on running with 12 to 1 compression?

I run C-16, 116 octane in my bike with 9 to 1 and the turbo.
12:1 can be ran on 93
Depends on the elevation and if its a true 12:1 or not. True 12:1 at sea level on these 700s I would run 100 octane to be safe.
Alba's response:


I am happy to hear about your interest regarding our development of engine kits for the TRX700. We are currently having CP pistons make some custom 12:1 standard bore forged pistons. We have also researched and have ordered a couple cams for testing purposes. The cams will require valve spring kits. I will do some testing with the components and follow up with a couple engine "performance packages". I would appreciate you posting this on your site or at least spreading the word about our up-coming kits. Thanks for the exposure.

NOTE: These kits are in their infancy, however with racing already underway, we are moving on them fast. I do not have anything yet, however should have something ready to sell in a month or so. As much as I would love to join your forum, I am very busy and am afraid it will backfire since I will rarely get a chance to participate in discussions and answer questions. Please, as I stated, spread the word, and let your members know that they can always contact me for questions. My e-mail address is [email protected] or [email protected].

Matt Fasig
Alba Action Sports
Performance Manager
Research & Development
(800) 487-3236 ext. 228

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