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OK, so I'm quite mad. However, after half a century on terra firma I don't expect to see the top end on a 700xx anyway.

I realize that 12t should get me to granny low in first and I would have to be careful on the tongue weight due in part to the IRS w/receiver hitch.

I've seen pics of the hitch, yet it appears that it only uses two bolts in the top to bolt on to the xx.

Naturally, I can't find the link, but the price was around 38 clams.

I'm not completely off my rocker. I have no intentions of hooking up a three pnt hitch and running a middle buster or cultivator w/XX.

The low gears will come in handy in the scatters w/lots of trees and in pulling a tilt bed 4X8, ATV/lawnmower/small scoot trailer, w/15" tires.

I wouldn't think burning the clutch would be an issue after dropping two primary sprocket teeth.

I can pull the same trailer, carefully loaded w/bulky material, w/230cc two wheel Beartracker up a slight grade on dirt.

The thing w/tractors or any mechanical beast of burden is that it's all in the gears.

I know I could buy a larger utility in a 4X4, but not at the price they're asking for the 700XX.

The 700 has three times the motor and a good 50 lbs on the Tracker.

Footprint is about the same w/XX having a tad over 7" in width & 3" longer wheelbase.

Seriously gents, what say ye?

If the Tracker is rated for 728 lbs of towing capability then the XX should be at least 1000 lbs, w/judicial tongue weight, even incorporating a 520 chain as opposed to a shaft drive.

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That makes sense, yet I already have the aforementioned trailer and I'm particular about where I place my load; in order to keep a minimum on the tongue.

The little tracker is rated to haul 728 lbs, but we know you have to almost maintain a neutral load on the tongue.

Even when hauling concrete blocks using my small lawn tilt trailer, designed to be pulled by riding lawnmowers, I had to take care w/weight distribution and the load.

Those 16 X 6.5 X 8 turf tyres are only rated for 415 lbs @ 14 PSI.

Thirty-four X 48 X 15 bed was good for a row of blocks 4 wide running the length w/couple extra past the axle mixed w/few bricks.

There was plenty of room, but the tyres were already squatting a mite.

I understand that a straight axle will tolerate greater tongue weight w/much less vertical movement.

By design the IRS is going to squat more than a straight axle propped-up by two rubber tyres sharing the load.

I do believe that is the quality that makes it such a comfy ride.

Still, a 700XX that weighs over 500 lbs at the curb, designed to travel in the mid 70's straight out of the box and grab air on jumps, must have a fairly stiff suspension.

I'm not attempting to turn the XX into a utility ATV. Merely trying to add to it's versatility for my needs and riding style.

I don't need any more than 50-55 mph. So, I can gear down for slow roll riding in heavily wooded areas, w/o constantly grabbing the clutch, and an occasional trailer pull w/well balanced light loads.

I might skid some crossties, but I'm not likely to attempt skidding timber.

What is the top MPH in 1st & 2nd gear?

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It will be fine, the 12t will help with clutch slip not hurt it

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Kewl deal. How hard is changing out the rear sprocket?

I want to go 12/40 and if that seems a tad much I could always change the front to a 13t.

I'm guesstamating the 12/40 combo would top out around 55 MPH.

First gear should be a super granny low & I'm wondering w/26 1/8% reduction where 2nd gear would be now in relation to the original gearing.
26.125 is 26 1/8

5th gear basically becomes the original 4th gear.

So, whatever speed you top out at in 4th would be my top in 5th.

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u still want some wight on the rear wheels to get more traction and one time i ad 1/5 ton of bricks on my trailer and my recon250 pulled it but i had to tie a 50ld bumb bell on the front to keep it from wheelien... so the xx should do it with the 12t but u will have a problem with the front wheels coming off the ground

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A lot of power on a short wheelbase pulling a heavy load is a recipe for wheelies.

You can lighten the load or move it back, taking some weight off the tongue and wheels, to encourage some wheel spin in starting the pull.

If all as fails, as you suggested, adding weights to the front end will keep it down.

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quadboss 56-0370--Part # for 2008 trx700xx receiver hitch-XtremeLineProducts
TRAILER HITCH HON TRX700XX-1307 $32.49 10 lb./ea. $32.49
Subtotal: $32.49
Total before shipping and sales tax (if applicable): $32.49 --Backorder
Oddly enough they show/list a Rancher w/IRS hitch @ $79.99 and straight axle 2X4 @ $26.99
1/4" steel, doesn't stock, subject to manufacturers availablity, no pic.
35.52 and free ship in the lower 48 mate. However, no pic.
I'm funny, in that way, as I like to see a pic of the product.
You have to select from the drop down menu as the page opens on a Ricon listing.

The pic I thought I remembered showed a 2" squared receiver set in a roughly 30 degree mounting.

1st hitch, 2nd row(Same sequence in the top link w/better pics). I can't say that's the one that fits the XX, but that's the pic I saw somewhere thinking it fit the 700.(As fate would have it that model fits the yammy grizzly 700 and goes for 79 clams. 56-0028)

So, one place is back ordered, one doesn't carry it, yet can order and one has it w/free shipping, but nobody at guadboss is putting a pic out of the XX mod.

Then there's this place and when I enter 56-0370 this pops up.

In the top link this "56-0370" pic is listed as 56-0343 and fitting a 250 recon.

Someone other than quadboss might make a hitch as well.

Doesn't list the 700, but they have a nice selection, including a universal IRS hitch, and would appear to be folks I'd wish to talk with about a receiver hitch for a IRS ATV.

Also shows a pic of the 56-0343 mounted on a straight axle.

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My friend's dad has a Honda 350 4stroke 3-wheeler that has one of those auto clutches so no clutch lever is required. We've been using it to move a trailer around the yard since the 80's and it still runs like a champ. He even used to haul us around on a 4 place snowmobile trailer during Holloween. I think you should be ok, I read on this site that you can auto clutch for around $600.

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Thanks for the link & I'll look into the auto clutch, however I'm not sure that's the path I wish to travel.

Don't get me wrong as the auto/centrifugal clutch is a dandy, yet it robs power from the manual unit, as you well know.

I like the fiber & metal clutch plates coz they're easy to replace and I know nothing about the auto rubberband/centrifugal style.

I'm sure they're well designed, but I can buy HD racing clutch components, titanium sprockets and chain for under 6 bills.

By lowering the gear ratio 26% I don't have to ease out on the clutch and 1st gear will have a much better advantage in starting the pull w/o the instant load shock of a higher gear that could force me to slip the clutch, more than I cared, to prevent stalling.

As previously noted I'm not trying to turn a 700XX into a souped-up lawn n garden tractor. Just contemplating adding a little diversity to the mix.

It has an extra 20 MPH on the top end that I don't need, yet can convert that to low end that I could use.

The granny low won't be an auto, but it will partially mimic one w/ability to prevent a lot of low speed/start-up stalls.

I am impressed w/little Beartracker coz I didn't give it much hope in pulling the 4 X 8 ATV tilt bed trailer w/load.

I've had that close to a decade and it has the original tyres. Those knobs are slowly turning into turf tyres.

At a tad over 4 large this project platform is doable. Maybe another grand for a full length skid plate and a set of A arm covers/protectors, the two sprockets, chain and a rack or two.

Now, I know I've crossed the line of good taste and sanity.

What I do wonder about is the 520 chain. I see the Titanium chain and sprockets guaranteed for life.

I realize the drive assembly goes through lot of strain in a ATV configuration. I can't help but ponder whether I should move up in size or if this is a typical Honda bullet-proof design.

Would the chain be the proverbial weak link? What if, after the sprocket change, I decided I really needed a tad more top end and ground clearance, so I moved up to 2" taller tyres all the way around?

Once again I'd be adding more weight and strain just as if I added a heavier chain & sprockets, if they would fit, would put an increased load on the tranny.

You know the name of the tune. I want the lightest that's strong enough to not fail on a regular basis.

Anything mechanical can break. I wish to spend most of my time riding/working; as opposed to repairing my shade tree engineering project.

Thanks for taking a peek at mein drivel.

I'd probably be better off buying a danged ole Rancher TM and be done w/it.

Howevah, that sounds about as exciting as melba toast & chicken noodle soup w/garden or pasta salad.

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I'm not sure that the XX is what you need. You have only mentioned using it for yard work over and over again. It's not that it would be useless in doing so but I think a rincon or etc would be better suited for the job in task.

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Hey, I'm not judging at all. I think its cool that you want a sport quad but also want to get some chores done, haha. More power to ya, just because its not for everyone doesn't mean you can't do it. Keep us updating in this thread and let us know if you have any longevity issues with this set up. Might open up some doors for others.

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I'll have a hitch for mine as well. So I can move my trailer to the back of my garage.

As long as your not slipping your clutch and making the front end to light to steer you should be fine.

My dad use to pull a trailer around with brush behind his 85 Suzuki LT230 quadsport. He also had a small snow plow for it.

Don't need a big 4x4 for everything.

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Well guys, when you top the half century mark the rest of life isn't downhill. I know it sounds like I want to do a bunch of yard work, but I only want to be able to if I so desire.

I have nothing against the utility quads except that they are heavy, long, expensive and need a half an acre to turn around.

If I was younger I'd like to try for triple digits on the 700, yet time marches on.

So, I think of using the sport quad in a tight tactical mode that would lend itself to the cheap and fairly simple mods I have in mind.

The biggest key is the cheap price of the 700.

The 700 is your basic everything to everyone. So, being almost an old coot I look to it for its potential as a weekend trials quad that can cruise down trails around 50 MPH, pull a small sensibly loaded trailer if need be or skid fence posts.

Yep, a little hefty she is, but all that motor on a relatively small frame gives you quite a bit of elbow room for whatever you have in mind.

The dealio is the ability to mod the 700 that you really don't have w/420 Rancher or 475 Foreman.

Those two are fine utility quads, but they lack the deep potential of the 700XX.

They carry too much weight & length and not enough mtr.

The original owner of my little Beartracker probably didn't run a dozen tanks of gas through it in 6-7 months.

I don't do that much yard work coz 10 yrs later I'm still running the original tyres.

Geeze Louise, obviously I don't ride that often either, yet it's handy to have around the ole hacienda.

In 2005 I bought an 03 VTX18C. I've bad mouthed that bike from day one.

Too heavy and handled like a sow in a mud sty.

It has a low first gear that'll pull any grade w/ease and there's nuttin' quite like attacking a long, steep grade, whilst the speedo exits double digits, still pullin' like a gorilla gone apeschit.

I'm too old to drag pegs and grind nubbins, but I still like to have a bit of fun.

I like torque and a lot of it, so I think I've found the perfect platform for my everything quad.


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Did you pick out the quadboss 56-0370? I didn't notice any other offerings for the 700XX & all the universal mounts were for factory equipped quads. I wondered if it was a 2" square receiver. At only $35.32 w/no pic I had my doubts.

Likewise, w/Rincon 680 (56-0022-$79.13)being IRS I was curious what the mounting differences would be betwixt the two.
You're probably right about the chain. If a larger chain and sprockets would work within the configuration I was thinking that naturally it wouldn't be as prone to stretch. Yet, I see the Titanium set w/lifetime guarantee and wonder why not?

I'm not going to mod the motor so surely the strain of pulling a trailer occasionally won't be that much. It's not as if I were going to pull some type of tractor sled.

I don't know how quickly the 700XX goes through the chain and sprockets, but the lifetime on the Ti is appealing at face value. I like the idea of one and done.

Thanks for the replies. I'm throwing some ideas out there to bounce off folks that are knowledgeable on the quad.
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