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2008 Honda 400EX

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[FONT=&quot]New body design, Red/Black, Full Yoshimura RS3 carbon fiber exhaust, UNI filter, jet kit, full chassis/swing arm skid plates, 13 tooth front sprocket, Sparks 6 degree advance key, new front/rear brakes, all service up to date, oil/filter changed after every 3 rides with Mobil 1 full synthetic, garage kept, washed after every ride, trail ridden only, never raced, adult owned and driven, never wrecked or rolled. Right at 300 miles. Very fast and fun to ride. Title in hand. $3700 obo. Let me know if you want pic and I'll send them.[/FONT]
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You can send them to me and I'll post them for you; I don't mind.

Also post your location as that will help with people deciding weather it's worth considering.

Welcome to the site!

Here ya go. I'm in Greenville, SC


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Lemme know if you have more pictures and I'll post those up too. (like of the other side of the quad)

I really like the new fenders that they are putting on there.

OK no problem. I really like the new style as well. I think it's THE best design of the 400EX so far.
Here's a few more and with the Yoshi system


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Price lowered to $3700. Buying a house so I gotta move this one ASAP!!
Price lowered to $3500!! I'm nearly giving it away and nobody wants it?? Going on ebay today.
Would be cool to meet half way, but I just checked and you're 1100 miles away!! I listed it on ebay so we'll see how that goes. I really need to sell it ASAP. I'm building a house and the custom cabinets and granite counter tops in the kitchen and 2 bathrooms are almost up to $20,000!!! And I still need to buy my appliances:-/
Bump and price lowered to $3400!!
Bump and changed to BEST OFFER!!!
If only I still lived in Mauldin...
Yeah that would've been great.... People just do not seem to have any money around here.
I appreciate it. Just need to get it out of here. I'm building a house so the money could be used there. It's not hurting me, but I hate to to see it sit like it is. The good 'ol 700xx took it's place so it needs a new home.
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