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2008 TRX700XX Specs

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700xx Features Include :

An all new 686cc motor with a SOHC, liquid-cooling, fuel-injected four-valve single-cylinder four-stroke engine.
Double-wishbone Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) with tuned sway-bar.
Centered chain final drive system.
In-gear starting in Forward or easy-to-use Reverse.
Piggy-back rear shocks with adjustable pre-load.
Dual-spring front shocks with adjustable pre-load.
11-inch diameter rear rims with removable mud scrapers.
Radical new-style bodywork.
Available colors are Metallic Black / Silver and Metallic Black / Red.

TRX-700XX ATV Drive-train Specs

The 686cc engine w/SOHC, four-stroke engine generates the highest peak output in its class.
Liquid cooling provides consistent engine operating temperature in extreme conditions for maximum power and long engine life.
PGM fuel injection system with 44mm throttle body for excellent cold weather starting, lower maintenance and consistent performance at high altitudes.
Gear-driven counterbalance minimizes engine vibration for smooth, comfortable all-day riding.
Maintenance-free automatic cam-chain tension-er.
Closed crankcase vent system safeguards against engine oil contamination.
CD ignition with electronic advance.
USDA-qualified stainless steel muffler/spark arrester for quiet operation and maximum power.
Heavy-duty clutch stands up to sport-ATV demands.
High-efficiency dry-sump lubrication system features large-capacity oil tank for maximum engine cooling.
Rugged five-speed transmission with Reverse has components and ratios specifically designed for sport-ATV use.
Unique, centered transmission with its direct-line chain final drive allows optimum IRS double-wishbone A-arm design
700XX ATV Chassis and Suspension Specs

Independent double-wishbone front suspension uses premium shock absorbers featuring dual single-rate springs that allow a lighter, more compact package with 9.36 inches of fully usable travel.
Independent double-wishbone rear suspension, made possible by the innovative centered chain drive system - features steel upper and aluminum lower A-arms. Using piggy-back reservoir shocks, the system provides 10.6 inches of fully usable travel.
Steel frame with removable sub-frame is extremely durable and strong.
Triple disc brakes for excellent stopping power and weight savings.
Special, large-diameter 11-inch aluminum rear wheels allow for ideal CV joint angles and A-arm lengths, resulting in superior power delivery, optimum suspension action and improved durability.
Radial tires with knobby pattern provide superb traction and cornering ability.
Durable, heavy-duty O-ring-sealed drive chain.
Easy-to-use dual snail-cam eccentric chain adjusters
Additional Honda ATV 700XX Features

Engine design meets current California Air Resources Board (CARB) off-road emission standards.
Convenient push-button electric starting.
Sculpted, plush seat provides excellent comfort and superb sport riding ergonomics.
New and uniquely aggressive sports styling.
Cowl-integrated headlight with dual 30-watt bulbs provides distinctive sport style and excellent function
Rear LED brake-light.
Easy access to washable two-stage large-capacity foam air filter.
Tough, polyethylene push bar up front and polypropylene rear A-arm protectors.
High Impact urethane protects frame and engine cases.
Rear mudguards with rigid footrests.
8 AH Maintenance-free battery.
Keyed ignition switch offers added security.
Simple to operate multi-function handlebar switch.
Left-hand operated parking brake.
Tool kit includes tire-pressure air gauge and owner’s manual.
Transferable one-year, limited warranty; extended coverage available with a Honda Protection Plan.
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the most comfortable machine I've ever ridden without loss of handling. Its truely amazing the way this quad is setup.
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