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Can someone let me know the total width of your front end with the front tire size 23x7x10 need to know if it will still fit in my trailer.

Also what are your rim size. Are u still using 10x5

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Ordered some ITP Pro Series with their XCT tires, couldn't resist RMT Price and they are good wheels/tires so I'm happy, just hope that my bike will still fit in the trailer and if not then I'll be swapping wheels each time I use the trailer.
That's ok! I was asking about the front end since I'll be going to 23x7x10 and just wanted to make sure that my front end with these new wheels/tires would still fit in my trailer since it's only 48" wide. Since I did not get a respond, decided to still purchase them and if it doesn't fit then I'll just put my stock front wheels on when using the trailer.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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