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@@@@@ 25% off anything on ebay upto $200

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yes ..that is correct .... 25% off anything on ebay search for something with freight included in the price.

how do you do it you may ask? well ... send me a hundred bucks and ill tell you haha!

nah ... gotta have a windows live account ... or msn messenger account ...

start here ... .. youll see a tab up on the right which says "cashback"

its pretty self explanatory after that ... basically microsoft is trying to buy support for its live search engine to compete with google ...

you use the search to go to ebay ... so type in say buttplug in the live search ... itll say at the top of results ... ebay upto 25% off ..then you go to ebay ..and search for whatever ... even your already saved shit on my ebay... as long as you went to ebay from live search ...

you click to buy it now ..and it will say on the following page how much cash back you will receive ...and takes 60 days to receive it ... whether it be via paypal, your checking account, or a regular good ol check ... i personally wouldnt give my checking account info ... or even paypal ... i signed up for the check part ..and received my first check last week.

anyway ..25% for anything under 1000 bucks basically ... with the ultra-slim margins ebay has already ... and if you dont mind dealing with a little marketing ... might be able to buy some goodies a bit more of a discount than you originally expected ...

cheers .. oh yeah ..the 200 dollar thing is the maximum cashback per item.
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