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2K off 08 700xx

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Hey everyone, i just bought a new black/grey 700 and i love it. i got it for 5995 which i think is a great deal plus they gave me 400 more than blue book for my old boulevard. Reading this forum is what convinced me to to get my 700 you guys are awesome. Can't wait to start modding her out. Thanks.
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Awesome deal! Yea there's a bunch of great guys around here....welcome to the forum! :tup:
I hear every 700xx also comes with a free membership to club700xx....

Congrats on the purchase

Scuzz: I want my membership fees back!
I agree! this is a great group! Everyone is friendly and always upbeat.

Oh Yea... Congrats on great deal! I knew you would pick the right color.
best color!!!:hey:
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