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450r Wheels w/Paddles

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I was speaking with a friend this last weekend that used to own a 450r, and he has a pair of wheels w/paddle tires that have barely been used (basically new). He wants to sell them to me for $25 or less each. I was wondering if these will fit on the XX. I don't really have the time for a few weeks to go down to check them out, but I don't want him to sell them to someone else if they will work. For the price, I'll be happy storing them in my garage just in case.
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I dont think they will fit. The are 10 inch and you may have clearance issues with them. You could put spacers on the rear to gain more clearance. I believe that is an option.
450r wheel pattern is 4-110 the 700xx is 4-144. the fronts fit if that helps any
Thanks guys. I figured the bolt pattern wouldn't work, which is too bad, it would have been a nice deal.
If they are 10" wheels they would fit, but chances are they would be the wrong offset. Of course you would have to drill them though to fit....

I'm pretty sure they are 10"s. I'll drill holes to make 'em work. I'll have to give him a call because he wasn't sure what size they were.
Anything less than 10 inches won't work. Here's the clearance of the ITP's pretty close.

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