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700XX Part Out!

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I have a few items that before I put on EBay, I thought I'd give a try here first!

Pics to follow...

  • Front Fender (Black/No Damage): SOLD
  • Rear Fender (Black/No Damage): SOLD
  • Gas Tank Cover (Black/No Damage): SOLD
  • Front Shocks (Silver Springs/Work Great): SOLD
  • Rear Shocks (Silver Springs/Near Mint): $80 plus shipping
  • Entire Rear Brake Assembly (Hose/Master Cyl/Pedal/etc): $20 plus shipping
  • Gas Cap/Breather(Mint): $5 plus shipping
  • Clutch Lever/Perch (Near Mint): $20 plus shipping
  • Muffler/Head Pipe/Guards/Power Tip (Take Off/New): $125 plus shipping


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I'd like to see a picture of your half Honda half Can-Am!
I knew that would get a rise out of someone! But it does look good!

Looks like it's all black from the picture, never seen one like that before?
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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