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I was going to bid on this myself but decided not too. Since one of you guys might like something (or need it) here's the link.

Here's what you get:

Vehicle Description

We build a race car based on a Honda TRX700XX sport ATV. We start with a brand new TRX700XX quad, remove the engine and various other parts and install them in our race chassis.

This is a no reserve auction for all the remaining Honda parts not used in our race car.

Please look closely at the pictures. All of the parts shown in the photographs or listed below are included in the auction. The nuts, bolts, clips, washers, screws and such that you can see in the photos are also included.

All the parts are brand new and look new, with the exception of minor scuffs on the plastic body pieces from handling in the race shop. (These can be polished.)

If you are the auction winner, you can pick up the parts in Hanford, California and save the shipping costs. If you are unable to visit us at our race shop in Hanford, the items will be shipped on a pallet via common freight carrier to your location in the lower 48 states. (Sorry, no shipments to Alaska, Hawaii or foreign countries.)

You can arrange your own shipping, or we will provide a quote if you send an email with your zip code. We do not charge extra for handling or packaging. The loaded pallet weighs 330lbs, and the dimensions are 4'W x 6'L x 3.5'H.

If you are a zero feedback ebay bidder, you must contact me before bidding. If we are shipping to you, Paypal is the only form of payment I accept for this auction (for security reasons.) If you are picking up, cash is accepted. All payments must be received within 3 days of the auction's end.

Good luck!

Parts list


Handlebar clamps
Grips (R&L)

Front brake lever
Front brake master cylinder
Front brake lines

Throttle cable
Clutch cable

Steering stem
Pitman arm
Tie rods (R&L)
Inner tie rod end (R&L)
Outer tie rod ends (R&L)

Front upper a-arms w/ball joints (R&L)
Front lower a-arms w/ball joints (R&L)
Front uprights (without spindles) (R&L)

Front shocks with springs -- complete (R&L)
Rear shocks with springs -- complete (R&L)

Gas tank

Warning light binnacle

Front wheels (R&L)
Rear wheels (R&L)
Front tires (R&L)
Rear tires (R&L)

Axles (R&L)


Rear brake pedal
Rear brake master cylinder
Rear brake lines

Foot rests (R&L)

Exhaust heat shields

Rear anti-roll bar
Anti-roll bar drop links (R&L)

Rear upper a-arms (R&L)
Rear lower a-arms (R&L)

Complete body plastic pieces
Misc plastic and rubber parts

Headlight (in plastic surround)
Taillight (in plastic surround)


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yah forgot that....

But giving it some thought now, i wonder what the heck kind of race quad they are building! :confused:
It's a race car they built.

It's also missing the axles
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