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U look like a PRO with all that gear on!!!!!! LOL Glad to see U with Safety gear on Hawk.

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vfm2010: ya think so ? wasnt sure if my form was right or not

bdr455: I made them i call them Shawk covers hahaha, want me to make you a pair ?

700xx crazy: ya, as you know gear is my big thing after a broken hip soon the leatt brace vary soon, and when i ride in all that gear i feel like a pro, ill tell ya in all reality a pro is some one who makes good decisions, and in those pix iam not really going fast at all.... just incase somthing happened id be able to recover the bike quickly..

baxter: thanks bud... feels good to really "get on it " after missing 3 or 4 months of the summer due to my injury....

wizky: tomarrow i will have a write up called "how to install power madd handguards it will be in the "how to's " section I am going to do the write up just for you so please be sure to check it out and leave your feed back tomarrowk ok bud ?

and just wanna say its fun to have a good time like this with your quad, dont let your ego get you hurt though, never ride out side of your "comphy" zone

would also like to thank my bro for spending time to take the pix ( hope i can buy you an xx soon )
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