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I used to own an 06 Can Am Outlander (Traded for my 700) which I assume would be somewhat similar to a Rincon. If not my experiences won't be much use

For trail comparisons
Comfort: Definitely a smoother ride on the 700. The suspension is a 'sportyish' suspension and its lighter so the ride just was overall better. The outlander felt like a bulldozer
Speed: I don't know if I go any faster on the trail or not, but probably. Since its lighter its easier to control in some ways. The bike itself is faster obviously, but trails are not open sand/desert so you don't make a ton of use of the horsepower. It really feels more 'fun' to ride, but maybe thats just me.
Mud: I got muddy with either quad, I don't think either made a difference. On my 700 I took off the front fender and a few other things and still don't notice hardly any difference.
Terrain: In terms of 'Can I make it?', the 4wd has one major advantage that I've noticed. If you ride during the winter around where I live, the trails become really rocky. When its rocky and you are trying to 'climb' up a steep hilly trail with a really slippery rocky surface, the 2wd kind of sucks. Otherwise I have not ever had a problem getting around (in some nasty stuff too)

Two other advantages I have to give to the 700 as well. The plastic is ALOT cheaper (compared to the outlander, not sure on the Rincon) Like, 1 grand cheaper for a set. And plastics easy to break, especially if you flip a 700 pound utility quad. Also while its still heavy for a sports quad, compared to a utility its pretty light. If you get in a bad spot you can still yank it out (really helps if you have a buddy).

I don't know if Georgia has any sand dunes or desert (I'm guessing no) but the sports quad is pretty fun for that if you ever get the opportunity

Thats about all, just my opinions so take from them what you will. Whatever you get, ride red and enjoy!
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