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Two young cousins were hurt in an ATV accident Sunday afternoon in Forestville.
Sheriff's Deputies say an 8-year-old was operating the ATV on her family's property when she stopped so her 4-year-old cousin could get off the vehicle.
But, the throttle was pushed, causing the ATV to lurch forward and catch the 4-year-old's leg on the machine.
The ATV went a short distance before hitting a tree.
The 4-year-old was flown to Women and Children's Hospital in Buffalo. The 8-year-old was taken to Lake Shore Hospital in Irving for treatment of an upper arm injury.
In Albany NY 2009
Police say a toddler has been pinned under an all-terrain vehicle and killed after her 8-year-old brother crashed it in eastern NY.
The Columbia County sheriff's office says the children and their 10-year-old sister took a ride in the ATV Saturday evening while their family was housesitting in Austerlitz, about 40 miles southeast of Albany. The boy was driving.
Sheriff's deputies say the 3-year-old girl was thrown to the ground when the ATV hit a tree. She was trapped underneath as the vehicle rolled.
The boy was treated for facial injuries. The 10-year-old wasn't hurt.


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Truly tragic, the one in Albany was the fourth one this year in local news. The three kids were allowed to use a Kawasaki Mule(UTV) that belonged to the owner of the home their parents were house sitting for. I am baffled that anyone would let their kids (of that age) play on what basically is farm equipment, let alone with no supervision or even helmets.
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