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I have the exact same dilemma how close to a solid axle do I want it or should I just accept that its IRS and deal with it's hence the 9/16 vs. 11/16 issue.

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OK, this is a good question.
First off, let me say that we have an IRS quad. Some of us have chosen to have IRS rather than SRA for various reasons. Then again, some have gotten the IRS outta finding a deal on our quad. Point being... no matter how you came to have a 700xx... the point is that you do and it has IRS.

Better question would be... "What do you want your 700xx to do?" and "What kind of riding do you want to do?"

If you do casual trail riding, then the stock sway bar MAY be good enough for what you want outta your quad.

If you are a more aggressive trail rider and/or want to do some XC, the 9/16 MAY be what is right for you.

On the other hand, if you are an aggressive trail rider but want to do some MX at times, the 11/16 may be best for what YOU want.

The bottom line here is... This is just my opinion on the issue and others may have different opinions.

For myself and the type of riding I do, I chose the 9/16 and love the crap outta it.

Just a hint here... The sway bar is so easy and quick to change, you could have all 3 options and just use the sway bar that's right for the day. Takes about 10 minutes to change.

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