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first things first your gonna have to sweet talk your girl friend or wife into doing this and if not your gonna have to suck up your "manly pride" and go into the finger nail polish section...... yup FINGER NAIL POLISH lol..

maybe we can talk dagirl71 into do this for us :lmao:

any way back on track. Get what ever you like, i was vary nervy in the nail polish section so instead of grabbing silver ( which i couldnt find ) i grabbed white.

next some nail polish remover.... then... get the hell out of that section of walmart befor any girls see you :lmao:

hide that crap from your wife or girl friend or else they will think your nutty and sneek out to your quad with the following

nail polish
nail polish remover
brillow pad

clean the " trx 700xx" plastic pannel with the polish remover and let dry
then paint the "trx700xx" with the nail polish, for get about trying to only get it in the letters just put it on all over and make it look nice

after it dries wet the soft side of the brillow pad with the polish remover and SOFTLY wipe it over every thing covered in the nail polish ya every thing.

then using the scrubby side SOFTLY scrub the paint your only trying to take the paint off the top part of the plastic not down in the letters, you can scrub acrost but DONT push hard enough to let the brillow pad go into the indents of the letters.

if its all done right it should look like mine.


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