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while iam still off of work waiting to go back i have wanted to mod my quad but have not had a hell of alot of money to do so.... while i was lurking around on ebay and the net and over the past week, i have came acrost some mods that are cheep ( under 35 bucks ), some help in the hp departmet some in cosmetics, ect ect....

hawk shock covers - $24 wont have pix up till wensday but that is for all 4 shock covers

engin ice - $20 no so much of a mod but it does keep temps down and their is nothing wrong with that

trx 700xx mod - 98 cents

baja your quad - $30 call and order another radiator cover and cut it 3 rows down and take your front fenders off and the other radiator cover and now your quad is a baja quad.

chest protector mod - $23 take the back section of your chest protector off, cut the straps on a walmart h20 bladder and work a tiny hole in the remaning strap thats attached to the bladder, and put the screws all back in the chest protector only with your bladder in place instead of the back half of the roost guard... ( worked for my thor )

header wrap - $20 keep the heat off of you

ceramic coating - $ 40 ill be doing this to my motoworks and then i will offer it to every one on 40 bucks covers header and exhaust

thats all i can think of for now..... trying to eat... ill be back with a few more shortly
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