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My rear elkas where long over due a service, and I was out-riding them. The cookie cutter elka valving just wasnt cutting it anymore. I figured who better to send them to then Bob Bell at Precision Concepts, the man that does the suspension work for Wayne Matlock? Talked to his wife, and Mr Bell for some time about what I was experiencing. Sent them in and in just two days after being received they were headed back in my direction. Put them on, set them as instructed, and have never been able to ride this quad so hard since I bought it. This was just the first time I was out on them, I hadnt ridden but two times all winter before this (new baby boy at home) so I was somewhat out of shape, we didnt go all out. Anyone due a rebuild or in the market for new Elka shocks I would strongly urge you NOT to order them from your dealer or Elka directly but call Precision instead. I noticed within the first 300-400 yds of being on the trail that something was different... Increased traction, square edge hits were barely noticeable, and in the whoops I never got bucked once, in fact, if I didnt want to power through them, there was no need to. If I got out of time with them, didnt matter. I sent them in because my rebound was not fast enough, got way more then I thought I was going to back, at no more cost than any other place would have charged to rebuild/valve them.

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