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There are some things I'd recommend to wake the 700xx up a bit. A K&N set up will flow better than stock, but will also allow more dust to pass through unless you use a pre-filter in dusty conditions. Even so, I'd recommend a Uni foam filter and EHS airbox lid instead. Flowing in is only part... you also have to allow for better flow out and then the right fuel/air mix. Most new quads come set lean from the factory to meet air quality standards and all that other BS. You shouldn't mod the flow in and out without modding the fuel/air mix with a efi controller... otherwise it would be way way lean.

My 2 cents.... Call Eric at EHS for a big 3 package... EHS lid, EHS efi controller and Barker full exhaust. Add in the 13t and UNI filter... You'll have one fast ass beast. My opinion... money well spent.

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