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I was looking at that EHS Racing cover and was wondering if there is anything else out there? I ride in alot of dusty conditions and dont want to have to clean the filter all the time. The EHS is a good design but I kinda want something that is going to deliver more air flow but not get rid of the cover.
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air boxes are not as important with fuel injected machines.
Unless you are really hardcore, I'd advise sticking with the stock airbox cover and getting a good aftermarket filter - Uni, K & N or Velocity. Put that money towards something else. But that's just my opinion.
I feel the same way about that and air filters.

I was leaning towards a K&N cuz thats what Ive run in most of my wheelers but I saw the EHS thing and was wondering if there was any other inovative designs like that out there, but I gues there ain't.
seems you could get thos 1" air box filters plugs for much cheaper than paying that kind of money for some guy to bend a piece of aluminum and cut out a small groove with some vinyl snips... just my 2 cents ...

now at that price ..if it was an entire air box ... made from forged aluminum or something ..sure ..but not for a lid ya know.

Spend your money on something else more worth while.... or buy a steering dampener .. not the piston kind adapted from motorcycles ..but the truly enclosed types .. like from scotts or precision racing.
I kind of feel the same on this mod, If anything It should come with a filter for the snorkel instead of a block off plate to give you more area to breathe through. Second on the issue is I see most have had to glue the plate up to get a good seal. I did consider it but changed my mind after seeing this.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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