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Alcohol + Quad = ????

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How many people, when they go out for a day of riding, take a 6 pack or more with them?

Me: I like to drink, but i've never taken beer with me to go ride. Growing up my dad did and I never saw an ill effect from that, except heard MANY good stories. I know people that bring a cooler of beer when they go ride, but who actually goes out and rides for an hour or so then comes back and has a couple cold ones. I'm not talking about getting shit faced then going riding. I'm talking about having 1-2 beers, then going out for an hour or so and coming back to camp.
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I've had a beer or two, but genrally don't like to drink before and/or during riding. I know some people who won't go riding without a cooler full of beer though. :eek:hno:
sometimes ill roll a half zip in a blunt and smoke it all after drinking a half gallon of white lightning ... trees dont seem to hurt as bad. lol

actually ..hell no i wont go riding drunk ... maybe a cold one if im stopped for lunch or whatever.
I never ride drunk, 1-2 has always been my limit for street bike or atv. I guess I should have rode more often and spared my liver because now more than 2 and it(my liver) makes me pay dearly.
I'm a danger to myself without alcohol, So I tend to avoid the combination
I have less fun when I'm drinking, plus when I ride I already get dehydrated alcohol would only worsen the after riding headache.

Bad combination...alocohol and ATVs. I leave it in the cooler until I"m done riding and the machine is put away for the day.
Yeah not too long ago a buddy and I were setting at the bottom of a large sand climb and along come a drunk on a utility. Slurred speech, bloodshot eyes and a 32 quart ice chest full of beer on the back rack.

Anyway he goes up too slow, digs in and get's stuck. Darwin get's blocked for a second when bystandards step in and help him down. Afterward Darwin and him must have had a secret talk and he went for it again. This time though the results were disastrous. The drunk got up even further and at an even steeper angle he dug in and gassed it. Well as a result the front end, obviously tired of looking forward decided to look up at the birds and then roll back to see where it had been. After the utility came to a stop on its wheels at the bottom (still running!) there were beer cans and a drunk ass-crack in the air and face down in the sand. He came too before the bystanders could get him on the side of the hill. Everyone helped him pick up all his shit, placed his hat on him and he was off.

No blood.

Nothing broken.

The idiot only got dirty.

God must have bigger plans for him.

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I think I would have pulled his keys and called the DNR in at that point before he either hurt himself or others...
DNR... Department of Natral Resources. Most states have them patrol the riding areas. Of course I could have thrown the cuffs on him too and just called the local sheriff to haul his drunk butt out of there. It's people like that the greenies love and use to get our riding areas closed.

I think the vast majority of people do the right thing...wear helmets, don't take alcohol out on the trails, don't ride off the trails and cause damage...etc...but it's that 1% that really screw things up for us.
This was private property...a riding park in Mississippi...if it was a public park...for sure.

Not much you can do then but get the group to pull his keys and hope he sobers up so he can drive home...
I believe he was a regular...and a camper. I think since then they have a rule against alcohol there, not as a result of him though.

I like to ride pretty hard so alcohol doesn't mix well with me...trees hurt more then a hangover.
For me drinking is something that I do socially. Riding is more personal and I ride 95% and hang out 5%. If I ride with a group that likes to yack they get left.

So I drinking and riding offers nothing to me, just as drinking by myself would.

Amen... I'm there to ride and if I have a beer afterwards it's social. I use to tie one on afterwards but found that just got me in to putting a helmet on your head when you have a hangover hurts a lot!
One thing I can't stand is drunks on the trails. I have enough close calls when I'm out riding the way it is. I couldn't imagine if I was drunk. Sure I wouldn't pass up a beer at the end of riding or during a break from riding but I'd rather just drink water.
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