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On June 6, 2009 the #1A American Honda team of Wayne Matlock, Harold Goodman, Josh Caster and Wes Miller won the Overall ATV title at the 41st annual running of the Tecate SCORE Baja 500

Matlock’s team of riders headed south of the border to Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico with the determination to continue the winning streak aboard the Honda TRX700XX. The team spent over a week prerunning each of their sections of the course to prepare for the grueling race. After the end of each prerun day the riders would be more excited with the Baja prowess of the TRX700XX.

The #1A quad with Matlock aboard would start 3rd off the line behind the 2A and 3A quads. With just early morning light, heavy dust and having raced many times in Baja, Matlock stuck with his plan to ride a safe pace for his first ride. He held his position behind the two lead quads before handing the quad off to Caster at race mile 37 in Ojos ******.

Caster took the quad and continued with the team’s plan of riding safe and holding their position early in the race. During his first ride he was able to overtake many motorcycles fighting through the thick dust of the lead bikes. Caster would hand the quad off to Harold Goodman at race mile 95 at Nuevo junction still holding the 3rd place position.

Goodman’s section included the famous “Summit” and the rocky whoops of Borrego. Goodman made his way over the summit down to the dry lake bed of Laguna Salada and mid way through his section was able to overtake the 3A quad and move into the second place position before handing the quad back off to Matlock in Borrego at race mile 200.

With Matlock back on the quad it was time to turn up the heat on the 2A quad leading the race. Matlock’s second section included the big sandy whoops near Borrego as well as the fast and twisty roads near Mike’s Sky Ranch. Matlock’s plan was working and he was able to gain over 3 minutes on the 2A quad before handing it off to Wes Miller at race mile 255 near Valley de Trinidad.

Miller knew the team now wanted to take the lead and be first quad on the road. He was off, crossing the “top of the world” towards the coast while making up time on the lead quad. Even before reaching the coast Miller was able to catch the 2A quad and soon after reaching the coast section of the course he was able to make the pass for the lead. Knowing anything can happen in Baja, Miller continued to space himself from the 2A quad before handing the quad off to Caster at race mile 350 in Santo Tomas.

From Santo Tomas, Caster was able to jump on the quad with a 3 minute lead thanks to Miller. Now the lead quad on the road, Caster kept up the faster pace set by his other teammates and continued to hold the lead before handing it off to Matlock at race mile 395 near Ojos ****** for his final ride.

Matlock was now confident with the teams lead and slowed the pace to the finish. During the last few miles he worked his way safely around the booby traps set up by locals before coming across the finish line in Ensenada.

The team’s time of 9:36:23 hours a 45.23 mph average gave them the Overall ATV title while winning by almost 18 ½ minutes. The team also finished an astounding 10th overall between the bikes and quads. This was the team’s 5th consecutive Pro ATV win in the SCORE series!

Matlock Racing would like to thank their sponsors:

Honda, Alba, Precision Concepts, Maxxis, Houser Racing, Elka, KZ Trailers, HMF Exhaust, Fly Racing, Pro Honda Oil and Chemicals, Baja Designs, Tire Balls, DWT, OMF, Renthal, Motion Pro, Streamline, IMS-Roll, IMS, TCX Boots, Quadtech, Scott Goggles, UNI Filters, DID Chains, Division Four


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Ruh roh!

[FONT=verdana, arial, helvetica]2nd 1st WAYNE MATLOCK 1a 11:06:23 COURSE DEVIATION (90) = TOTAL (90)

what happened?

Never mind, I googled:

FROM Josh Caster

"I believe that many of the other racers feel as I do about this subject and I am tired of hearing about all the "cheaters". There are alot of racers out there like us, that consider ourselves to be professionals and work very hard to win races in a professional way. I work very hard to win races and receive the best possible finish I can and don't appreciate being called a cheater.

I am going to bring up a well known area that many of the races run through. It is called Tres Hermanos. As you enter this area you make a left turn around a little hill and then the course enters a large wash. Just after entering the wash SCORE had a course marker pointing strait ahead. Just a 1/4 mile into this wash there were multiple lines going left, strait and right. Every line had well worn tracks going up every line.

The line to the left split up another little wash before coming back to the right and joining up with the others before the course went up the rocky vally. It was obvious this line had been used before because it was filled with huge whoops. There was no ribbon from SCORE in this area, only others. There were no other SCORE markers on this line, wrong way, right way or any other.

The line that went up the middle also split up into more multiple lines well outside of 50' from either side of the center of the wash. All these lines ended up in the same spot at the end of the valley. It was obvious again that the whole wash and every line in that area had been used before because again there are huge whoops and visable signs of an old course there. There were multiple lines in this area with ribbon but none from SCORE. There was also no other SCORE markers, either wrong way, right way or any other.

The line that went to the right crossed out of the wash and up onto the hard pack ground. It moved over to the right side of the valley and crossed some small dry creeks before meeting up with the others at the end of the valley. Again it was obvious this line had been used before because of the whoops and ruts on this line. There was no ribbon from SCORE on this line. There was also no other SCORE markers, either wrong way, right way or any other.

As you can see, all the lines in this area have been used before and none of them had any markers other than at the beginning before the lines split.

Now let's just say you are racing in this area and you are told that you can not stray from 50' of the course. Which line would you pick? How do you know the line you pick is the correct one? There are many areas on the course like this and San Vincente was one of them. Now maybe you can see where the confusion is coming from.

I, like many others don't have a problem with SCORE enforcing the rules. I say bring it on! The more level the playing field the better. However I believe SCORE needs to clarify a few things before penalizing those of us who were playing by the rules. They warned us about the speed limit and our team didn't speed. Why not a warning for the 50' rule so we could clarify all the questionable areas such as the one I discribed above, before the race so we don't find out we are penalized a week after the race?

You also said it is your guess that the rules have not changed. Why should we have to guess about the rules? They should be black and white so we know exactly what we can or can not do and what we will and will not be penalized for. If you can find anywhere in SCOREs rulebook or website about how they are penalizing racers for course deviations I would sure like to see it. So far I have not found anything. Why are we being penalized with unwritten rules?"


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as far as I know from a local forum... the second place stands, and not too many people are happy with it... me being one of them.. Matlock and Caster DO NOT need to cheat to win... trust me, I race with them locally...
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