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Another new guy in PA

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Just picked up my 700xx on 2/7/2009. Can`t wait for better riding weather !!! This is my first quad though I have been riding them for years. I raced micro sprints and sold my car to get my TRX. A very worthy switch. I`ve always had dirt bikes growing up. I just always have to have something fast to play with. So far, this is my favorite
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welcome!! Where are you in pa? I'm south central (bedford.)
Welcome Aboard! Got Snow there in PA? I still have about 2 feet left even after a couple of warm days here in NY.
You guys need to get a group ride together...

Welcome to the Club sir, and congrats on the purchase! :tup:
Hey triplexx, I`m close to Harrisburg. Bedford isn`t to far from me. I own 24 acres in Dillsburg. If you ever want to come ride, your more than welcome. It`s mostly trail riding in the woods. Bring a fishing rod if you like to fish. vfm, no snow here, I wish there was. It would be fun to play in. Thanks all for the warm welcome.
in the reading pa area.. near reading anthracite.. Never went (just got back into it) but hear its a blast.

If you ever want to ride, I can trailer to Harrisburg area no problem.

my inlaws are in pottsville, and I plan on taking the xx down there at least once this summer...
Reading is about an hour from me and so is Pottsville. I`m almost in the middle. Looks like we are getting a PA crew, Right on....Were do you want to go. I hear Tower City is good riding but i`ve never been there.
New here and sure would like to meet up with you all, be fun to learn about new trails in the vicinity, am about an hour and half from Pottsville, Harrisburg.
WOW, sounds like a 700XX party in Pa. Welcome to the site.
tower city is closed so I hear... lets do the RAC (pottsville).

Go over to One guy has 20 acres next to the pottsville riding grounds.
You can park for $10 for the day, safe parking and a great group of guys. You can also camp for $20 I think.

They also ride Snowshoe and bloody skillet.

Also read up on the RAC. You will need a permit for $100 and have to show up in person with all papers, reg, title, tag, insurance.

Also, if you look at treverton pa on youtube. it will show the NASTY hill climbs. The trails have it all from fireroads, mudpits, trails, and of course hill climbs.
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just got back from pa, parked at some outdoor fishing campground called "aunt bees" off of 81 and 294 i think (25 bucks)friends brought me there, rocky terrain and coal mine trails , was not happy with the riding there, would like more smooth fire trails or fast paced woods trail without all the boulders any suggestions , and logme13 i would love to come out your way if you were to host a ride haha , here on long island we have great trails but all are illegal, DEC dont like us at all ,unless i go out a nite and sneak around
i'm also from central pa. the large Trevorton hill climbs are minutes from my house. we do a lot of riding around mount carmel and kulpmont. we're about 20 minutes from pottsville.
welcome!! Where are you in pa? I'm south central (bedford.)
Hey, I live in Bedford too! Bedford, Texas though! :lmao:

One of my clients races sprints here's his website - still in developmental stages though.
If anybody is still listening on this thread. i live in Philadelphia so i dont get to trail ride as much as id like too. Maybe I could come visit some of you guys and ride with you. your gonna love my trx. just let me know please
i want to be a part of the PA CREW....hey we need a better name then that then. ill think of something
yeah thats what ive been doing sneaking around over in new Jersey. im tired of being scared of park rangers
New guy in Pa as well (Dallastown)

Whats good folks?? Not sure if this thread is still active but have a 08 TRX. Brought it from a guy off this site. Also have a YZ 250. If any body is interested, going riding the 23rd of this month. Not sure which park yet. It's either Rock Run or Mounatin Ridge. The more the marry for riding. Great places to ride and not too $$$. Looking to meet some folks in the Pa area.


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