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Hey Pota, welcome to the club! Good to see a fellow New Zealander here! Where are you based?

A 13 tooth sprocket (14 is standard) is a great idea, mine cost $29 from the local dealer, they don't list one for the 700 but the cr or crf one is the same.
Sway bar is also a must but bits like that are harder to get over here so I ended up building my own similar to the l8yton one, let me know hoe you get on.
Where are you getting your nerf bars from and how much? would be keen on some of these but haven't had a chance to do any research.
This is an awesome club and full of heaps of handy info, you won't regret joining or buying the 700 its a wicked machine!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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