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anyone in idaho ?

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jusy wondering if anyone on this website lives in idaho, always looking for new people to ride with.
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I do not, but I bet there is some neat places to ride there.
yeah, we have a little bit of everything here. desert, mountains, sand. i really enjoy the mountain trails you get to see alot of beautiful country.
one of these days i will make it to st anthonys . my mom lives in preston id
i have never been to st. anthony, some friends of mine go every year and say it's a blast, but i heard there are alot of accidents there to. like they say "stupid hurts".....
Here are the dates for about group I'm going with... about 20 of us.

July 11-18, 2009

Everyone is welcome to come join us...Riding the dunes and a couple of days we're planning on checking out some mountain trails around the area.
I'm from Idaho and would love to find new places to ride. I haven't been up to St. Anthony yet, but would love to. I think I will be going in July. I ride mostly in the Craters of the Moon desert, but would love to find some good trails up in the hills.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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