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Austin /Central Texas Riders? (Soon to be Mississippi and AL riders)

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I'm looking to find some riding buddies to ride anywhere (legally) in Central Texas. I don't mind driving two hours to get to go to a great riding spot. So, if you're in the area or traveling to the area let me know and we'll hit the trails.

Mostly I ride at Boulder Creek: I'm welcome to go riding anywhere in any enviroment.

Thanks guys!


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I need someone to ride with.

I'd love to hook up with you Scuzz. If I ever get the notion to road trip, I'll head down your way. If you ever get up around Atlanta, let me know and I will plan a good weekend of riding. I know it is unlikely, but just in case!!

I'm actually about to move to Mississippi in a month as my contract in Austin ends on the 19th. Who knows, with a little luck I could end up in Atlanta.

That would be cool maybe we could all meet up and tear it up!!!!! ATL is only a couple hours away! From me.
Depends on what part of Mississippi you end up in...... I can make to parts of Mississippi in three and a half to four hours. So, keep me informed and we maybe we could meet up in Alabama, Mississippi or Georgia sometime in the future. Good luck with your next contract!
I'll be in Wiggins, MS next weekend riding. It's sand and it's hella-fun.

It's a little to much of a trip to spring on my wife 6 days before it happens. However, is this somewhere you ride on a semi-regular basis? If so, if you let me know a month in advance, I would be there. I have never had a chance to ride in sand, but I would love to give it a shot.

I totally understand.

Hopefully I won't be there long (see: "I find a job"). I'm open to Atlanta if you're hiring. I kick ass at what I do. :D

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