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My trx has to be road legal to be ridden in the uk.. Everything expired (tax, insurance etc) and the read end needed a total rebuild as everything was worn so it was laid up and i rode the enduro bike instead.. Decided its time to fix the quad up and get it certified again.. now comes the task of getting everthing apart and ordering new parts as i miss riding it..
at 57yrs old am i still up to it?? We shall see
Welcome back! This place is slow as all get out, with most of the action on the 4 or 5 Facebook pages.

The inboard outboard joints are a task, good luck. I recently purchase a used axel and rear carrier set for $250. Maybe you can find someone else parting a 700xx like I did. My rear end is still good, as I replaced the joints awhile back, I just wanted the parts in case.

And I turn 60 this year, so you have some riding time left. Also recently purchased a rzr trail.

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