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I have a barker's full exhaust for sale. I wrapped the header/midpipe and when I did that I cut the tabs off that held the small heat shield on. The wrap is black and has the black sealant sprayed on the wrap. The Barker's label and hanger are discolored, but I was told it happens to them all over time. What you see is how I pulled it off the quad, the cannister will clean-up nicely with some TLC and I'm not sure about the label/hanger. The quad w/exhaust has 485 miles on it and I did repack it about 19 hrs back. The exhaust is awesome and produces more power than the FMF Q4 I just installed, the only reason I'm getting rid of it is that I ride in some fields behind my house with my kids from time to time and the neighbors are tired of hearing it.

$400 +shipping or OBO:thanks:


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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