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There is (was) a riding area known as Clear Creek here in California. The area was huge with lots of great trails and was on BLM land. The problem is that the BLM closed the area due to “naturally occurring asbestos” that they said was a health hazard. The thing is… that form of asbestos is not harmful and is in very low concentrations. But, the BLM won’t budge. For the last 2 years or more, we have been trying to get this area re-opened. Even the county has come out in support of re-opening the area. Leading the fight has been The Blue Ribbon Coalition and we are not much closer to getting the area open again from where we were 2 years ago. A little note here… many areas of the west have naturally occurring asbestos in the soil. This brings me to an idea that I’ve forwarded to Blue Ribbon.
There is a major construction project going on here in San Francisco on the former site of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Construction is underway for something like 11,000 homes plus shops, parks, office space and if the 49ers agree to stay in San Francisco, a new stadium. This is a multi billion dollar project. The thing I’ve found out is that this land also has naturally occurring asbestos on it and yet it’s OK to build homes and let people live there, but we can’t ride on similar type land.
My idea is to have Blue Ribbon file an injunction to stop the project and cite the BLMs finding of a health hazard from naturally occurring asbestos. For the project to continue, the backers would have to fight the injunction and the stated reason… which is the BLMs findings. They would be forced to fight our fight for us and use their considerable money, and political clout to debunk the BLMs view of a health hazard to get their project back on track. Once debunked, the BLM would no longer have a reason to keep Clear Creek closed because the health hazard reason is the only reason they said they had to close the area.
I just think it’d be great to use someone else to take on the BLM and use their money and political clout even if they don’t give a damn about our riding area to clear the way for their own project. BTW – The Hunters Point project is already underway and lots and lots of money is already tied up so they have to move forward… my idea is just to throw the BLM in their way.

What do you think of my idea?

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