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A good process

Folks I run the Pro Design with the red pre filter and no lid. In Aus we have microscopic dirt particles (BECAUSE IT IS SO DRY) and its not what filter you have, its how often you clean it and how.

1. Buy to 10 litre buckets with lids you can seal.
2. Fill each one with 5 liters of Turps or Kero. (I like Turps)
3. Have one as the first clean, then the second one for the final clean
4. I then rinse the filters out in soapy water then rinse with clean water.
5. Hang on line to dry.
6. Oil filter

This may sound a bit of a hassle but once your set up its a 5 min process. I live in one of the driest countrys on earth and I have lived by this process ever since I started riding 35 years ago and have never dusted a motor, quad or dirt bike.

Folks this set up lasts about a year before you have to change the Turps or Kero maybe less if your racing and by the way keep the buckets in a cool place so they dont expand.
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