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G-Day all i live in sydney AUSTRALIA & have fitted the BIG 3 + 1 Being! 1.EHS Fuel controller, 2.EHS Air lid, 3.Pro Design Air Filter, 4.DMC After Burnner Exhaust as i live in AUS 2 get the BARKER exhaust was not a real option thats y i am using a DMC so ERIC do i need 2 change the fuel mapping because of the exhaust or cause of any of the other mods, it is set at G-3.5 Y-3.5 R-3 GB-3.5 YB-3 RB-3 should it be changed or is this fine. The bike starts ezyer & sounds better at idle, the throttle responce is great, I have only had a very small ride 3 minities, thought i should check before the big test on the weekend any help would be awsum & thanks 4 the fast sevice ERIC had all the EHS stuff in under 7 days awsum thanks:thanks:talk soon Wayno & TEAM MAD FAB:xx:
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