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Burnett County WI

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The best place to start is at the trail head. The trial system in WI is extensive with thousands of miles of trails. My friend Bill and I were riding in Burnett County which is well maintained and marked. At the trail head you'll find signs like this which explain which trails are open, what the different markers mean and what trails are open. Also available at most bar grills along the trails are trail maps which show the snowmobile and ATV trails. Get yourself a map and hit the trails...

Tags... WI pays for it's great trails system with tag fees. Last year it was $18 for a 1 year out of state tag. This year they jumped up to $35 for a 1 year tag. In my opinion, it's money well spent as the beauty of the area and the amount of fun you'll have on these trails is a bargin for $35. There is law enforcement on the trail so please respect the laws and regulations. Abuse only gives fuel to those who want to close the trails.

Like any ATV trip, it starts with prepping your machine. In my case it was winterizing the machine, adding some bar mits, 22inch ITP Hole shots on the rear and a lot of hand warmers. I also packed a battery charger and extension cords so I cold plug it in at night and make for easier starts in the cold mornings. One thing I didn't prepare for was the ice storm however it did give me a nice picture of my V with ice on the Punisher Skull on the hood.

This was the first full ride I have done since putting a new motor in my V. I had a FST 700 kit and stage 1 trail cams put in the motor and they performed great. I went back to my modified stock pipe with stock carbs and other then a concern for noise, the performance was spot on for trails. I'll be looking for a stock pipe to bolt on to keep the DB level down when on public trails. I lost count how many times Bill commented about the sound level. When we would take quick breaks it was impossible to talk over the sound without shutting it down. A good trail tire is all you need for riding on the snow pack. Show respect on the trails and try to not throttle up digging deep ruts in the snow too much. There are play areas a long the trail that they don't groom that you can throttle up on. I found the V had plenty of power and with a little weight shift I was able to pretty much toss it around anywhere with 6 inches or less of snow. You'll see it's pretty easy to cut down through the snow and into the dirt which can cause trail damage for the sleds... If you ride up there, try to keep the throttle fun in the play areas.

Food and fuel... There are local bar and grills all along the trails. Most of the trails have routes to local towns where they allow ATVs to drive on so long as you stay on the designated route. Many have fuel available too for your machine. We stopped at Oak Ridge Inn which was located down the hill from SG's camp and at Hillside which was long the trail. Also available at these businesses are trail maps to help guide you on the WI trail systems. We had a good time talking with the owners and plan to make them regular stops on our next trip up there.
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