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Busco Beach after it rained!!

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good vids it kinda reminds me of a place i ride at in south alabama called boggs and boulders offroad park. busco was slippery as owl shit that day it looked like!
Nice vids. Looks hellishly slick out there.Cheers for posting.

How come you did not show the pits? Also, don't forget to clean your lens when you are riding in muddy area, lol!! Where are those trails? don't recall them.

Yeah! Looks like you guys sliding all over the place, talk about slick
hey next time we ride out there I'll show you the trails... yeah, we washed the 4 wheeler and ourselves 4 times before we left and then again at the house.
Looked like fun. Was that on the river side?
Looked like fun. Was that on the river side?
yeah, over by the power lines...
Oh! Ok! We went there last time but it was all dry, nice area.
We just couldn't see those trails from all the dust. Wayne is smart, looks like he only rides after it rains lol.
some of the trails look like they were just cut. we even got turned around a few times and didn't know where we were. Boost is right I rather deal with the mud than the dust.
All in all that day was one of the best days of riding I've had out there. Oh did y'all know that Busco is going to have Flat Track race out there September 3,2011.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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