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i was thinking of buying a new cam i allready have the big 3 exhaust im trying to get a little more bottom and mid range if i can only get bottom thats fine also i dont need top end as i rarely hit 5th gear. and mid isnt nearly as important as bottom end. i dont want to do other mods other then cam until it needs rebuild if ever. please specify brand and stage if you could please

thanks in advance

I don't know what tyre sizes you have but If you have a 14t(stock) front sprocket and don't use 5th then change to a 13t front. If you have a 13t fitted and still need more bottom end.Change to a 12t front. Something tells me that if you have any "Big 3" and still need more low end power, either you bought the wrong big 3 , running really big tyres or constantly running in thick mud.

With changing to a lower gearing , you can get the same speeds and run higher engine rpms. I don't think a cam would do what you want it to do.IMO.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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