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clutch adjusting

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just put a new clutch in from EHS, went for a ride lastnight and going slow making my own trail threw the woods i ended up with so much freeplay that the clutch wasnt disengaging all the way, tightened the cable up with the adjuster on the handlebar and 5min later it did the same thing, and then it seemed as though as it cooled down i kept getting less and less freeplay, i did put a 1.5 inch riser on a while ago and the cable is a little tight but this is the first time this has happened, have had a few rides with the riser and no issues. whats going on?
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did you try adjusting the cable at the clutch case side, or just on the handle bars? are you using the right kind of oil for a wet clutch?
i did adjust the cable on the motor which is on the mag side cover not the clutch cover,
I just meant the engine side. my bad. does the ehs kit have a smaller plate like stock? did u put it in the right order. I'm guessing u did, but its my last idea. did u call ehs and ask them?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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