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I always heard the more you go out away from the hub with the wheel the more feedback you'll have to endure.(vibe's,bump steer, etc)
This is correct, except the part about bump steer. Bump steer is the change in toe as the suspension is cycled through its travel. Wheel offset has no effect on bump steer. The further away from the spindle you get with the edge of the wheel, the more leverage is placed on the spindle, making for more feedback through the bars. So say you have a 4:1 wheel on the front and hit a rock. Then put a 1:4 wheel on and hit the same rock in the exact same way, you will feel it more through the bars.

Stock wheels are 4:1.5 offset, so a 3:2 offset wheel will make your quad about 1" wider overall. I doubt you will notice much of a difference in a extra 1/2" hanging off the spindle. I run both 4:1 and 3:2 wheels on one of my quads. I do notice a slight difference but it is nothing major. 3:2 offset is the widest offset I will ever run.

The rear is a entire different story. The rear wheels just go up and down, so a wider offset wheel will just put more load on the hubs, bearings, etc, won't really do anything to handling. (As long as the offset is with in reason.) By the tire size you posted you will be using on the rear, you are going to the 10" rear wheel. I know a couple of people on here have measured after making the same swap, and they ended up being over 50" wide overall. Even with a 3:2 wheel in the front, the rear of the quad will still be wider. I would guess with a 3:2 front wheel you will be around 49" or so, not really sure as I have never measured. Ideally, you want the front of the quad to be slightly wider then the rear, this helps the quad to turn better.

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