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Cool GINORMUS picture of a 700XX jumping

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I can do that....
Yeah, just thinking about that jump makes me all giddy.

I guess Honda's Logo has wings for a reason.
Redbull + 700XX= Wings outta da arse! Watch out now
its a bird no its a plane its the new 700xx!
I should get a picture of myself doing that on my 700xx and print it like a poster.
I'm gonna make this into a wallpaper. Any requests for specific resolutions?


What I have so far (click to enlarge):

The first is the original size of the rider, but it didn't look like he was getting enough air, so I made him smaller in the second. I was thinking about adding a Club700XX logo to it as well.

Yeah, I dig it with the logo:

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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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