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Couple questions..????

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Any recommendations for air breathers and Exhaust..???
I DO NOT want to make a lot of noise!!!!
But it feels like she could use to breath a little freer..Both inhale and exhale..I think it would make her rev a bit freer...
Do I need to install a power commander with these ??
Any suggestions???
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That's the thing, to open these things up and get more performance you really need to go with an aftermarket exhaust, which will always be a lot louder. There's some that are quieter than others but mostly they're all super loud.

Is it possible to take the innerds out of the stock exhaust on these (I don't have my XX yet so I'm not sure). That might be the best bet for you.
yeah .... to really open the beast up ... a header, exhaust, air cleaner, and power commander are in order.

I promise the difference is night and day once the power commander is tweaked.

all are gonna be louder than stock ... guess its a trade-off ... if you really want to add air to the monster must be able to exhale ... and the harder you breathe in ..the harder you breathe out... which = more power = more noise ... i really dont compare it to noise ... i like the sound of a brutally powerful single piston honda with a full exhaust.

so yeah its much louder ..but it isnt ugly noise ..its more like a healthy engine sound.
Is anybody putting out pipes and breathers specifically for the XX or is it to new still ??
yes there are quite a few out now, i chose the FMF 4.1 factory exhaust with the powerbomb header, power commander, mod quad air flow system(which is just an adapter,k&n air filter and an outerwear) i also got the quiet core insert for the muffler and it is loud but it is beautiful noise. And i does make a huge difference.
I went with with the FMF Q4 and FMF Powerbomb header. I did not find it much louder than stock.
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