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Well my bike has only been done for a few months and has only been to one race but its time for me to sell it and move on to something else. If you have any questions let me know. 13K OBO

734 CC Cuervo/HDD motor
CUERVO RACING TI +2 mm Valve RACE port
HDD5150 Billet camshaft
2-3-4 Transmission
Carrillo Rod, crank done by Crankworks
105.5 Trinity Cylinder
13.5 COMP custom CP Piston
HDD spec 52mm LECTRON carb
TERRY CABLE braided throttle cable
Chariot Performance Throttle box
MSD Ignition /Coil
HDD SPEC +12 custom Swingarm
HDD Drag spec rear coilover shock
HDD Rear Lightweight Brembo Brake kit
HDD clutch kit
REGINA 520 GPXV chain
JJ & A Racing HILLSHOOTER axle anodized black
Oversized Radiator
Billet brake lever
PRO ARMOR shifter
Fireball -2/+2 front a arms
12.5 inch front MARVIN SHAWS
EKO Stem
Direct Drive lockout clutch Ninja in Black custom weights
10x4 DIRECT DRIVE spindle mounts w/ 19 in front smoothies
9x9 DIRECT DRIVE CUSTOM CNC DRAG CUT rear wheels 2 tone color
25x12x9 18 paddle Glider/Hauler Combos sls
Boss NOSS nitrous kit with billet brackets
PINGEL fuel valve
PINGEL Tether switch
PINGEL handle bar control for run start and nitrous activation
ASV clutch lever
TI bolts for frame, pegs, stem, motor mounts, a arms, shocks

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ill trade u my 700xx:hey::hey:

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damn. that thing came a long way from when i saw it when DL first got it in the shop.

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Lol yeah the raptor we started with was ruff.
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