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hello, I wanna see if any one is intrested in a custome seat cover for their xx, i did one for mine and it turned out pretty awsome ( for give the dirt ) below are pix of mine but i can do any sort of color combo and letter combo...

i put my nick name on the back of mine, but you could have a custom number or your race team if their arnt to many letters.

some said on the sides they would like 700xx or ??? and the color combos can go any way... black center red on the sides or black center and silver on the sides ect ect.

here is the catch, i only wanna make enough of them to get back my exhaust and front bumper lost in my crash.

MAYBE AND I DO MEAN MAYBE i'll make a few more after that but i dout. so IAM ONLY GOING TO BE MAKEING 4 OR 5 OF THESE its hard to make them since i use a regular sewing machine, i havent had the chance to get an industrial one yet.

the seams are all waxed to add extra protection from the enviroment

and i if any of my work comes appart i fix it for free for the life of the product, hey its america and i stand behind what i make.

iam going to offer the covers in two ways...

1) the cheepest way is you stretch and staple and cut off the access $100 shiped

2 the most expensive send your seat to me and i will stretch and staple and "clean up" the access 155 + shipping

option #1 isnt that hard, i will say go to walmart and get the stanly staple gun ( electric one ) its like a nail gun only for staples and also get the short staples

i can also do solid colors for those that want solid black seats or red or ?? instead of the gray

first 4 emails to my email address gets them [email protected]

here are the pix

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