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Cylinder head porting

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Who wants to be the one to send me one?
Porting for free, shipping for free, fresh valve job for free for the first one in the 48 states.
I need contact for sponsorship BTW if this is a viable market for me.
I may ride blue but I bleed red........
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Raptor 700 head before and after:

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I also do sleeve work from std bore to big bore with or without decking:

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looks good are you an independant or do you have your own business? If so whats the name of the business?

Do anything special for the 450r?
Im independant, I work for Merceredes Benz on the assembly line and do this on the side. I do all cylinder heads from the 450s up.
Any luck on this yet?
Nope, not a one has been sent. Had a few PM me but other than that its been all 450 stuff and 700 Raptors. Still lookin to give the freebee away....
Updated the pix since I had a few wanting to know whats up with the photobucket lol.
How did no one jump on this? this would have been gone in seconds if offered now. crazy
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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