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Ok! So tonight I was reinstalling my rear wheels since I did some maintenance last week after White Haven and while I was rolling my bike, I noticed that it would of a sudden be hard to roll so I inspected the wheels and noticed my right rear has a major dent outwards from the inside of the wheel where it's contacted my scraper :mad:did not noticed last weekend since the scraper was bent. It's to a point where I can not repair it so now I need desperately need some new wheels since we are going on a trip mid-October.

So who do we know that have some wheels, not looking or want OEM wheels since they are $$$ for their quality. DWT has some Red Labels but they are out stock. Need wheels that will fit my razor tires which they should be 22x11x10.

Anyone out there knows where I can buy some wheels is greatly appreciated :D

Was able to remove most of the dent, now seeing if it will hold the pressur.


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Spray paint sucks lol. Mine did the same thing - i decided they looked better with out untill powdercoat them.

That should be an easy fix with a hammer! :rofl:

I think you've solved your problem with your new DWTs!
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