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Just wanted to say how good it was dealing with dmc after i snapped the mounting bracket on my dmc after burner. i purchased and installed a complete dmc afterburner system in early feb and have about 30 hrs on it.

I emailed dmc to enquire about warrenty on the muffler and if so roughly how long would it take before i got another one so i could ride again.
Less than 24hrs later i recieved a email from dmc saying that this is the first warranty issue that they have had with these mufflers and i would be getting a email from there australian distributor to try to bring a speedy solution to the problem,

The next day i recieved a email from dmc australia saying that there sending a hollow muffler in about a week to me and i can take it to any bike shop i wish and they will pay for it to be assembled. and im free to have my other muffler welded so i can ride until the other one comes and when it arrives i dont need to send the old one back.

I must say it feels good for once to deal with a company that who comes good on there warrenty claim and takes that extra step to keep me happy

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good to know if I have any issues with mine, it wont be a big hassle. Glad it worked out so smoothly for you.
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