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Does Honda hear our cheers and jeers?

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Does anyone know for sure if Honda watches this forum for input?
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I guarantee that they don't. Honda does what they want, when they want. They never have been proactive, or reactive for that matter.
I too doubt it, I mean if I were an engineer I would stay far away from forums and the like. The best indicators for them would be the aftermarket and sales figures.

I can assure you that the people at Honda do read forums on their products. That doesn't mean they watch this forum........yet
Yep, I know manufacturers do have people to regularly read forums, but most likely they don't read this one, atleast not until it's much bigger down the road.
I guess I should have said that even if they are watching this forum, they will make changes to the XX when they feel they need to, not because we are screaming for them. Not that I want much to change on the XX because if they make it even better, I'll have to go and buy another one!
they do pay attention ... i dont know what they monitor ..but the correspondence and phone calls from their people in california to me regarding my complaints on the owner survey and photos says they do listen to the folks that matter ... honda owners.
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